Sunday, September 5, 2010

Im Backkkkkk

Hellooooo All!!! Especially To Martha & Bailey! Thanks For your concern while I was away For that longgggg Time!! :P Sorry I wasnt on in agess!! Mommy was "busy" Apparently!! I reckon she forgot all about my Blog!! :O I've been missing my Bloggy Friends soooo Much & Am glad to be back!! :) So I need to catch up with you all again!! Please let me know about anything New or Exciting that happened while I Was away!! Cant wait to hear from You all again!! :D Sorry there's no pics this Time :( Mommy didnt upload any and her camera USB Is missing...I Didnt eat it!! :P Post some pics Soon Hopefully!! :)So let me know, What did You all do for The Summer?! I had a few Nice walkies & Mommy Went to see Paul McCartney which Unfortunatley I couldnt attened and seeing the pics she took at the concert made me Very Jealous!! Any more Paul McCartney fans out there, Mommy & I are MEGA Fans!! :)
Lots & Lots of Sloppy Doggy Licks, Penny. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

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