Monday, April 27, 2009

Should us doggies be aloud on our owners bed

Today after my mommy threw me off her bed I began to wonder is that fair??? I mean I was only groomed and washed........But for what I mean Im still not aloud up on the beds or the couches. Thats another thing, Why do they go away,leave us inside and tell us to to keep watch on the neighbourhood how can I do that if I cant look out the window from the back of the couch or even the beds? Sometimes when my mommy is away Im even let look at tv on the couch and go for a BIG sleep on their beds-HeHe........ Dont let her know though! If theres any doggie out there that understands my problem Pwease do let me know! The picture posted on this post was obviously when my mommy was away...............wait a minute she just realised hat herself.....Emmmmmmmmmmmmmm Woooooooooopsssssssss!!! Eh have to go now talk to you later!
P.s do let me know if you have the same problem!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everybloggie And to All My Doggie Friends!=]
Hope You all have a Peaceful and Blessed Easter!

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