Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Favourte Day!

Ah Yes......Above is a picture of me at my favourite place,the river! Everytime I go for a walk with my Mommy we always stop by at my favourite river! Mommy always lifts me up on the bridge to have a look in But dont worry My Mommy holds on very tightly so I dont fall in! And I love going for a little paddle around in it too! This picture was taken on a beautiful Summers day with a Summer breeze flowing throw my hair! What a lovely view,What a lovely day?!=] Oh pweaze bring walkies Mommy even talking about it makes me wanna go!!! Then when I come home from my walkies Im so exausted I like to take a rest on my favourite rug and watch tv! Thats if Im not wet after my swim,of course! Which is also pictured above! So my question is whats your favourite day?

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