Monday, June 15, 2009

My Typical Day In The Country Side!

Thank you all for missing me while I was away! It made me feel warm and loved!=]
Well still no camera yet anyway!=[ But I did happen to get this hilarious picture on the internet!
Oh us doggies are gifted at eveything! Even staring competitions!!!=]
Anyway Im going to tell you what I done today but sadly without any photos!=[ Well I woke up this morning got my breaky,went for a widdle and a poop outside (well,one widdle indoors on mommys new rug,ehem woops!) Mommy gave me two sausages and I wasnt feeling in the mood to eat them so I burried them out in the lawn where that stupid cat couldnt get! Oh wait I never told you about the cat! This grey,black and white cat turned up at the back door a while ago and now never goes away! I hate him he always eats my food even when I have it burried! Then he sleeps on my blankey and leaves his horrible smell on it,and then chases my bird friends away! Seriously its just not fair. Right!? This was supposed to be a post about my usuall day in the country side but even talking about that cat puts me in a bad mood! So now Im going to chase him off my blankey and out through the hedge! Thats exactly what I'll do!
Sorry my pals but I have to go and do just that,bye bye!

P.S Anyone got a better way of getting rid of him? Pweaze?!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


To all my bloggie pals I would now like to say Im so SORRY for it being almost a month since Ive posted to you!=[ Its just Ive been very busy as there have been alot of things going on in the past month. And to make things worse my mommys camera broke!=[ So I only have this pic of myself sitting up on the canal bank acting as if Im the Queen of the Canal! Then again I suppose I am!=] Anyway Im very sorry for not posting to you,Im sure alot of things happened in bloggie land while I was away so pweaze do let me know about anything Ive missed,thank you sooooo much!

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