Monday, April 27, 2009

Should us doggies be aloud on our owners bed

Today after my mommy threw me off her bed I began to wonder is that fair??? I mean I was only groomed and washed........But for what I mean Im still not aloud up on the beds or the couches. Thats another thing, Why do they go away,leave us inside and tell us to to keep watch on the neighbourhood how can I do that if I cant look out the window from the back of the couch or even the beds? Sometimes when my mommy is away Im even let look at tv on the couch and go for a BIG sleep on their beds-HeHe........ Dont let her know though! If theres any doggie out there that understands my problem Pwease do let me know! The picture posted on this post was obviously when my mommy was away...............wait a minute she just realised hat herself.....Emmmmmmmmmmmmmm Woooooooooopsssssssss!!! Eh have to go now talk to you later!
P.s do let me know if you have the same problem!


  1. Penny Dear, This has been the question for a long time. Our hoomans banned us from their comfortable furnishings from the start. They bought us all kinds of floor pillows and cushy mats. We use those beds at times,but first Hootie sneaked up on their bed & Mommy let him get away with it. Then I got on the couch and they chased me off, but I'd get back up when they slept. Currently both Hootie and I are laying on Mommy and Daddy's bed with Mom!! We have our ways of changing their rules. Now our mom has to wash her bedspread every week. WE are worth it. Right?
    BTW, How old are you now? You are such an adorable little gal!
    Smooches, BabyRD & Hootie

  2. We're not allowed on the bed either, but sometimes Lilly sneaks up and lays with Mom if Mom has a migraine - we know it makes her feel better. We always get on the couch or sit in their chairs with them - well Java doesn't because he weighs over 100 pounds. He just lays his heavy head on Mom's knee. Keep on trying - you'll change her mind!!

    Have a wonderful evening - on of our Mom's favorite pictures is on your sidebar - terriers chasing a cat!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  3. Penny
    We have just spent the night - both of us on our human's bed. Our Dad says he is going to sleep in our bed tonight as there is not enough room!
    Martha got us onto the bed by pretending to be terrified when she was adopted in December.
    No dog had ever been on the bed before although there have been dogs in the house before.
    Martha just trembled with fear and our mum felt so sorry for her she let her cuddle in and then she felt so sorry for me in my bed on the floor that she let me in!
    Actually I prefer my own bed but dont like all the attention this Martha gets.
    Personally I think she is a bit of a diva and puts on a very good act.
    The answer to your question is of course you should be allowed on the bed if that is where you want to be - however are you willing to share your bed with a human?
    I am not keen on anyone, even Martha, in my bed!
    Keep us posted Penny.
    Bailey xxx

  4. We're not allowed on our hooman's bed either, Penny! It's totally unfair!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Penny, my advice is, give it time. When I first came to live with Gail she tried to be really strict, and made me stay in the kitchen. But after years of patient work, it's now access all areas, including her bed, although she does still get a bit funny about me being on there if I've just had a roll in something 'interesting'. For the whole story and tips on strategy, see my post from 24 September 2008:

    Cheers, H.

  6. hm, Well I allowed on the bed. I sleep at the bottom of it at night. I not supposed to be allowed on the other furniture but I does anyway. I even sits on the chairs at the table. hehe.

  7. Well, I can sleep on the little man's bed - no problem - but the other two larger humans tend to be a bit more difficult and seem to like their privacy for some reason. Anyway, once I have the end of the little man's bed - I'm happy!

  8. Ciao bella Penny!

    I, Lucia, am not permitted on the hooman bed because I kick and talk in my sleep and in general sprawl out and take up too much space. My kennel is right beside the bed, though, so that's a bit of a comfort ... plus, I can still make a lot of noise and be annoying....!!!!

    Tanti baci!

    PeeEss: I am not allowed on il divano, either, but I sometimes manage to sneak up there ... giggle!!!

  9. Nope! We are spoiled Beagles and the couch is OURS!! And we get to sleep under the covers, Mum says we're like hot water bottles :D
    Slobbers xx

  10. Please stop by our bloggie. We have an award for you.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java


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