Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Me on the moon!

Greetings from the moon everyone!This suit gets a bit sweaty on me but how and ever I love saying hello to my wierd allien friend and I've met the man on the moon too! My stomach isnt too good at the moment as I'm being turned around and upside down,Oh how i miss Gravity on Earth! There isnt a huge supply of food left on the rocket as I tend to get hungry on long journeys! Well sadly this was all in my dreams last night after my long walk! I even got so excited in my dreams that I kinda wet my bed and as you can imagine my owner wasnt too impressed! WOOPS! Well as Hamish himself said to me isnt technology great as you see in the picture above! And it is actually my face its just the suit and the backround are computerised! Anyway I have to go now! Comments would be much appreciated,thanks! Chat to you all later! Lots of sloppy licks,Penny!=]


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. YEY! I got to delete it and notice my new backround! What do you think of it now???=]

  3. Hi Penny
    You do have most interesting dreams it seems. Have you thought about having them analysed???
    Cheers! H.


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