Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whats Sweet About Me?

Whats sweet about me you ask?!

Well where to begin I do not know....My Name be Penny I enjoy music metallica!.. ah no .... Classical is more my style ....oh yessshhh when my family go to bed (Peace) they alway's leave me on my favourite Radio station;Classical music FM it's the shizzle dizzle , it's violin's speeding up like cats fighting I go Crazy it's anoyingly Amazing and not to mention Addictive!=]

FOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!!!! ; Oh Ye I luuuuuuurve this stuff I Eat ,Sleep and Drink food ....wait now that dosen't make sense ....oh well basically im addicted to it my fav's are those loverly Lamb flavoured pouches from the top "DAWGS" Pedigree yum yum yum food in my tum!=]

Hobbies and Past times;

Ah Walkies! ....when my peeps decide to get up off their bum's!

Ooooh Diggin' (flower beds Maimly hehe sorry mammy!)....

Barkin' at those senseless Cat's what idiot's!

Pet Hates; well now who else could I possibly hate other than the two twitwz (Cat's) outside the backdoor ah bless them at the same time tho they can't help being such idiot's!haha
Well Chau for now i'l keep you updated!=]=]


  1. Hi Penny
    How nice to meet you. I think we have a lot in common. I too like food, walkies and digging! Must be 'cos we're both Westies. Would you believe I'm reading your blog and writing this comment from the train. We've gone over the Forth Bridge. Isn't technology wonderful!
    Cheers, Hamish.

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  3. Hi Penny!
    About the rugby. Well, as a Scottish dog watching Saturday's games in an English household, the only thing we all agreed on was that we wanted Ireland to beat Wales! I was biting my paws at the end though. I hope you celebrated well. Oh and by the way, Gail's parents, who we stayed with, went to a rugby international at Lansdowne Road during their honeymoon in Dublin. Their marriage has survived 53 years so far!
    But between you and me, I don't really understand the rules of rugby, and find playing ball games a bit pointless...
    Happy blogging!


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